In Our Veins.

Copper thread, glass on metal pins and industrial felt. May 2014.

Mining is part of the fabric of Cornwall, shaping the landscape while shaping the lives of the people.
The Cornish mining story is all about people: the men, women and children who worked hard in dangerous conditions to earn a living. At the center of this story are two things: tin and copper.
Metallic mineral deposits form in cracks in the rock. The ore pushes up from deep underground, finding the weakest point in the stone and forming a vein.
Miners would venture down into the dark with only a candle for light, secured with a handful of clay. Seeking out the precious treasures concealed in the dark.
Tunnels were dug, rock blown up and smashed apart – all for these much desired metals.

The technique of layered felt padding is liberated from its conventional home underneath gold work embroidery that would be found on a coronation gown and up scaled to create sculptural rock forms. Gold and silver embroider threads are swapped for copper and tin – the lifeblood of Cornwall.

Images by Becky Creed.








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