Mark of the Maker.

Silver thread and artist’s own hair. Felt padding. Hand embroidered on cotton. November 2013.

This piece of work, entitled ‘Mark of the Maker’ was created in response to the time, effort and passion of the unseen craftspeople who created artworks for Truro Cathedral. Hand embroidered with real silver and the artists own hair, this piece celebrates the devotional nature of crafts such as embroidery, where the maker puts something of themselves into the work with every stitch. This embroidery took around 130 hours to complete.

The three-dimensional aspect of this piece , the artists’ hand print, uses a method of felt padding where layers of felt are stitched one on top of the other to create a raised surface for stitching, traditionally used underneath Gold work embroidery such as coronation gowns.

Runner up of the Batsford Prize 2014.

Mark of the Maker.

Hair and Silver Embroidery Detail  1.

Padded Hand Detail 2.

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