Life Formations

Life Formations

The cliff faces and countless rock formations in Cardigan bay tell a story – each layer a moment captured in time – a flash flood or other event that shaped the landscape we see today.

What if our own lives were rock formations? The moments and happenings that we go through, the beautiful and the difficult layering up, giving a story of our own lives and experiences that make us who we are – both the rose pinks and the slate greys of life.

” life is really really difficult. You’re going to lose people you love, you’ll suffer heartbreak, sometimes you’ll be sick, sometimes, you’ll be hungry, but on the other end, you’ll have the most beautiful experiences. Sometimes just the sky, sometimes, you know, a piece of work that you do that feels so wonderful or you find somebody to love, or your children or… there’s beautiful things in life, so when you’re suffering just, you know, its part of the package you know. You look at it: we’re born, we also have to die, we know that, so it makes sense that we are going to be really happy, and things are going to be really fucked up too” Patty Smith

Work in progress, to exhibited at Sunbury Embroidery Gallery Sept-Oct 2015.

Hanny Newton, Japanese Gold Thread Hand Embroidery





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