S4S – (In)Visible Mending workshops


Film by R&A Collaborations 

S4S – All Stitched Up 2018-2019

A series of 5 workshops designed and facilitated by Hanny as part of the S4S project, in conjunction with the University of Exeter and Wolverhampton University. The research project looks at what effect making communally, and thinking about repurposing can have on peoples attitudes to buying new clothing.

With a focus on celebrating imperfection, Hannys workshops included needle weaving to repair rips, goldwork to celebrate stains, and creating embellishments from recycling.

(In)Visible Mending
Moving between the Hive in Shrewsbury and the Fashion Lab at University of Wolverhampton, these workshops focussed on using embroidery, stitch and embellishment techniques to celebrate and enhance rather than hide rips, tears, holes and stains on clothing. The workshops were led by Hanny Newton, a hand-embroidery artist who specialises in contemporary goldwork, Jo Bloodworth who leads the Fashion course at University of Wolverhampton, and Mary Coleman from the Lace Guild, Stourbridge, and were supported by Jack Roberts. Fourteen people took part including those from previous workshops and some who were new to the project.
Participants began to bring their children, friends and relatives along, an example of how a sensibility for sustainable clothing can grow through family and friendship networks. An ice-breaker activity transforming waste plastics into sustainable fashion embellishment was followed by stitch workshops experimenting with needle weaving, bobbin lace-making, and goldwork embroidery.
The group then used their skills to upcycle and transform items. The end results included beautifully textured embroidered jeans – Jack doing his magic again – collars, dresses, upcycled denim bags and a patchwork tunic-dress

Film by R&A Collaborations 




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